1.Do I have to have dance experience before hand to join classes?
No, Motivation take on people with a range of dance abilitys. Everybody is welcome.

2. What dance styles do you teach?
We teach a range of styles, such as street, soca, reggae, hip hop and a fushion of various styles.

3. How long are your classes?
Classes last up to a maximum of 1hr and a minimum of 45 mins.

4. What is street dance?
An umbrella term used to describe dance styles that evolve outside of dance studios, in everyday spaces such as street schools, clubs, they are often improvisational and social in nature, encouraging interaction and contact with spectators and other dancers. It includes styles such as break dancing, crumping, break dancing etc.

5. Do I need to book lessons before hand?
Yes, all classes have limited spaces available, so it would be best to book in advance as the classes run on a 8 week basis.

6. Do I need to pay for a course in full?
Yes, as you need to confirm your place and classes are run on a 8 week basis