Street Dance

MDA provides unique workshops that will teach a complete beginner the basis of street dance and performance. As well as enhancing the advanced dancers skills.

MDA have specialized in street dance since 1998 and over the years have trained and continue to train to ensure we offer the best classes possible.

The classes incorporate different techniques such as contemporary and jazz and combine different styles such as wacking or hip-hop to create dance fusions that allow dancers to show off in their techniques and styles and create amazing diverse yet current dance pieces.

In recent years street dance has taken the population by storm and and enables people of all ages, gender, size, and background to express through dance. The origin can not be traced and symbolizes all dance styles that originate and evolve around everyday life and environments. Such as the street, schools, night clubs or playgrounds.

Street Dance is about improvisation and allowing the dancers to be free yet dynamic and versatile. Its powerful an is an amazing way to express pent up emotions in a positive way.