Zumbatomics is a dance class that has been strongly inspired by “Zumba” and has been created to provide a FUN, HEALTHY, program for young people from the age of 3-13 using the ‘zumba’ fitness concept.

MDA offer zumbtomic classes that will not only inspire children but will introduce them to dance and show them how there body,rhythm, movement, creativity, and feelings work together to form art. Ensuring they to have a memorable experience. Therefore leaving children wanting more more more!

The class combines games with different dance styles and techniques and enables the young people to use their creative skills and have individual input as well as working as a team. The classes have easy to follow steps and create a “party like” atmosphere that is uplifting and encouraging.

The class incorporates international dance styles and music. It also combines slow and fast movements and rhythms that make the classes vibrant and fun.

These classes are dynamic, exciting and motivating. They enable children to feel good and develop a healthy lifestyle, The classes are easy but effective and allow the young people to develop lifelong skills.